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Procrastination Gleanings

Here are some vids by Socket79 I found that turn BSG into a telenovela. Frakkin' Hilarious.

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

Another amusing find is a video  by  annosuperstar that combines scenes from BSG with the music from the musical episode of Scrubs.  Did someone mention an STD? (I'm looking at you, Hotdog).

Sacred Galactica


*giggles* Heeeee! Those are hysterical--thank you for linking to them.

(Mind if I friend you? dionusia will tell you what a pest I am. *g*)
No problem; I thought others should benefit from my procrastination. Feel free to friend me. dionusia will be less lonely on my friends page.
Good to meet you! I'll try to repay the favour and pass on any amusements I find. *g*
Right! Total pest! :P

If by that you mean a wonderful, helpful, kind and chatty pest. :D

And oooo, I could watch these telenovelas forever. What great finds, BL. Thanks.
*rotfl* ICON!
OK first - these telenovela vids are incredible. LMFAO!

And second - hellos there, new friend. *g*

Here's another good funny (you prolly have seen it):

BSG does Office credits
Office does BSG credits

Spread the funny!

Iconlove on all y'alls -
Thanks for the Office vids I hadn't seen them.

Love the poundy drums intro.